Where am I and Where I’ve Been: An Update

A view of London from Hampstead Heath. Alternate Title: British People are Pasty.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately. On-line anyway. Like you could hear crickets chirp quiet. Like I had to dust the cobwebs off my laptop to type this quiet.

In real life, I’ve been the opposite. Most days I’ve dragged myself to bed feeling like I used every last ounce of energy. I’d wake up the next day still beat and not knowing how’d I’d get through all I had to do. I managed but it’s been a slog. No lie.

Why? Because, on top of the usual end of school year craziness, I’ve been preparing for a cross-Atlantic move to London.

A couple months ago my husband finalized plans to move from his law firm’s DC office to their London office. A super exciting opportunity to our family but also a super exhausting one. Moving from one continent to another with four kids under 10 is not for the faint of heart.

In London, pubs are life.

I’m actually in London now. Not that our move is complete. Far from it. While we made it across the pond we’re still waiting for our belongings to join us. They were packed up in DC a few weeks ago and are set to reunite with us a couple weeks from now. Good times.

We traveled here with clothes, toiletries and that’s pretty much it. I made my kids pb & j sandwiches with the flat of a tooth brush yesterday if that gives you a sense of the state of things.

Oh, and did I mention we arrived just in time for Europe to be hit by a heatwave? It’s supposed to be 92 degrees in London today. By DC standards that’s nothing but in London where no one has AC it’s a sweatbox.

Things are looking up though. Our rental furniture arrived, tomorrow’s supposed to be cooler and we got cable/internet installed this morning. With Netflix to distract my kids, I can survive anything . . .

High Tea at Fortnum & Mason last year

So what does this move mean for the blog? Things here will change a bit though I’m not entirely certain how. I’ll continue to share recipes and party recaps but I’m sure both will be inform by the culinary aspects of my family’s new adventure.

A bird just chilling on my head in Hyde Park last summer. No idea why . . .

But I also foresee sharing some non-food things that I think you’ll enjoy from across the Pond. Like did you know that Brits don’t actually call an umbrella a bumbershoot? That in fact, if you use the term with a real British person they will look at you like you’re insane? Found that out the hard way . . .

Until my next post, which I hope will be sooner than the last, cheers!


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