What is Close Enough Kitchen?

When I was in high school a friend and I came up with the “close enough” school of life.  At the time it meant efficiency.  Why work hard to get an 93% in a class when you can get an 89.5% with ease?  In either case you’d end up with an A- so an 89.5% was “close enough.”

As I’ve gotten older, I still follow the “close enough” school but in a different way.  Close enough doesn’t necessarily mean the easy path anymore.  Instead it’s about not letting perfection be the enemy of the good.  Who cares if dinner doesn’t look like the glossy photos in a magazine if the food taste amazing?  If your craft doesn’t come out “Martha Stewart-worthy” what does it matter if you and your kids have a blast?  If you have to get frustrated or sacrifice joy to get the perfect craft meal is it worth it?  None of us are perfect and life isn’t about perfection.  It’s about flavor.  It’s about enjoyment.  It’s about experiences and connections.

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and join me in my Close Enough Kitchen.  We’ll laugh, we’ll savor, we’ll create and we’ll enjoy.  Together we’ll come close enough to perfect to create something amazing.

Who Is the Close Enough Cook?

I’m a stay-at-home mother to four energetic, amazing (but far from perfect) children — I’m not Quiverfull or anything like that. I just have a lot of kids. I’m a reformed BigLaw lawyer, a still recovering Type A  expat living in the DC area London.  My love of baking/cooking started in elementary school when my dad and I embarked on a quest to create the perfect chocolate cookie recipe (at the end of which I still thought it was the Tollhouse recipe).  Since then, my love of cooking (driven mostly by my love of eating!) has only grown.  When I’m not in the kitchen, I like running, yoga, drinking gin and tonics, watching bad television (right now Botched is my jam), traveling and spending time with my chaotic family.

Whatever title we use — SAHM, WAHM, Working Mom — aren’t we all ringmaster of our own family circus? I know I am. Somedays I tame the beasts and other days, well, not so much.